Mondton w/ MATERIA live, BRAINIAC live, MINDFOLD live

Psytrance | Nightpsy | Progressive

  • Datum:03. Feb - 2018
  • Einlass:21:00
  • Eintritt:Early 8 € / VVK 12 € / AK 15 €



▂▃▅▆▇█▓▒░ MONDTON ░▒▓█▇▆▅▃▂


[24/7 Records]

[24/7 Records]

[24/7 Records]



aka Decatrance & Kaligula
[Mystical Waves Rec | Alpentrauma]

[Flow EV Records | Profound Records]

[Abarat Digital]

[Flow EV Records | Mondton]


[Spontaneous Aerobics | Mondton]

Deko by
Calaquendi Art
& Mondton Family




Andreas is the mind behind the full power psy trance project “Materia“. He was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria. His artistic journey began at a young age, fascinated by graphic art and music.
During he’s teen years Materia became interested in advanced graphic design and electronic music production software’s to portray his creative ideas to the max. Within the last years Andreas decided to move to Vienna, a city filled with creative minds & art where he began the Materia project.

Materia’s music is best described as driving, deep, fullon psychedelic trance with distinct reverberated atmospheres & synth’s. Now part of the 24/7 Media family he has been the biggest breakthrough artist in the Austrian scene for the past years, producing collaboration tracks with renowned artists such as Earthling, Compressor, Sinerider, Bliss, Brainiac and many more!

Watch out for Materia as he will be rocking the scene for the years to come. He already preformed numerous times in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary , Italy , UK , Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and he was headlining at UNIVERSO PARALELLO 10.



Brainiac is Phil from Bristol, UK. At the beginning of the millennium he started DJing and visiting Electronic Music events regularly, which influenced him to write his own music few years later.Soon his releases appeared on the best reputed labels in the genre which took the industry by the surprise with his crystalline production and powerful sound.Through his releases he gained considerable reputation which led him to perform at numerous high profile events all around the globe.His sound combines futuristic rhythms and high-tech sounds with a psychedelic twist while keeping the essence of melody and atmosphere alive. And wherever he performs, it’s magic on the dance floor.




These two brilliant artist have established themself on the international circuit very well over the past years, and with their 4 track collaboration EP they are giving us a preview of what is yet to come out of the mindfolds of these exeptional new rising stars. Expect top production standart, most creative design, and a unique sound selection beautifully arranged.

With fat bass and cutting edge synth lines, their music will take you on a reverberated journey threw the past present and future of psy trance. buckle up and enjoy the take off.

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