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  • Datum:01. Dez - 2017
  • Einlass:21:00
  • Eintritt:VVK 10 €

mondton @ sakog



damit ja niemand auf die absurde idee kommt, den dezember als „die stille zeit des jahres“ zu bezeichnen, starten wir heuer mit einer MONDTON in den adventstrubel!

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*** Mindbenderz (Iono Music)

Mindbenderz is a new collaboration between two creative artists that decided to share their common interest of exploring and bending new sonicscape. The duo consists of DJ Cubixx, aka Mattias Sperlich, who is also the Head of Iono Music from Berlin, Germany, and Philip Guillaume, aka Motion Drive, Blue Vortex and Rumble Pack, from Switzerland. Together they combine decades of experience of both mixing and making electronic dance music, and thousands of miles playing in the top dance floors across the world such as Voov, Fusion, Antaris, Ozora. Adding to this recipe their individual interests and expertise, they create a special kind of sound that takes their rich musical past into the next level of art.

*** Gipsy Soul (Soundlab Pirates)

Gipsy Soul is an Austrian Progressive – Psy project founded in the year 2014 by J. Horvath & V. Gavrich. Since summer 2016 Gipsy Soul is a solo project by J. Horvath.
After being a Dj for years he started to produce his own sound. As time moved on he was ready for his first sets and releases. Since that point he is being infected trying to push his production to a higher level. His deep progressive style with psychedelic influences will blow you into other spheres.


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*** Cubixx

*** Götterspeise

*** Electronic Medication

*** Kaligula

*** Konfuss

*** RAX

*** Sodom b2b Mimosa



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*** Calaquendi Art & Decorations

*** Mondton

*** Mapping by Spirit Society



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–> 2 Floors
–> Indoor Terrace
–> Chai & Chill
–> Shops
–> Gratis Eintritt für Geburtstagskinder



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