„From Post Rock to Sludge Metal…
There are tons of bands on this globe that are easier to describe than OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US. Intense Spiritual Music is the label that was chosen by OSDOU themselves. The band breaks out of musically pigeonholing and instead combines the best aspects of the single genres to create an own sound: Mantra- and tribal-like drumming lays the foundation for hypnotically soundscapes created by two 7-strings, accentuated with pitched-black sound samples from the keys and finally hammered through the auditory canals by the pulsating bass. The conjuring and mourning vocals of three singers guides you through the darkest abysses, the world of OSDOU. A seamless change between acoustic lightness and mighty slow motioned guitar walls evokes emotions of rage, sadness, bitterness, affiliation, love and more.“
Our Survival Depends On Us – Let My People Go
Veröffentlicht am 01.01.2016

This song is taken from the album “ Scouts on the Borderline Between the Physical and Spiritual World“ which was released on vinyl and CD the 6th of November, 2015 via Ván. The video was taken at

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